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On this page I will be showing certain things that I have found to be amusing or hilarious in this DLC, in-game they are called oddities. I'm gonna try to keep it simple and break this down into three categories:

Oddities Exhibit




The Soul Tomato

The Soul Tomato: In the Elder Scrolls games, there are magic items such as weapons and armor that a player could use, however such items must be powered by souls of slain enemies. In order to utilize these souls the player must know the Soul Trap spell and must have an object called a soul gem to keep the soul in for later use, this is where the Soul Tomato becomes a unique object. The Soul tomato is just a regular old tomato that is capable of being eaten, rotting, etc. However, due to unknown reasons it has the ability to trap someones soul upon death. I don't know about you but I'd rather not have my soul live in a single piece of produce when I die, how would this even be possible? This item will spawn at random when opening any container in the Shivering Isles and is part of a side-quest for collecting Oddities.

  Gloorolros picture Gloorolros: This NPC is just one strange man, I find him kinda creepy. Gloorolros is a homeless man in the town of Dementia that will only talk to you about sticks, or will try to sell you a stick. Every single comment is about sticks, he even compliments you on your "fancy stick" once you get the staff of Sheogorath. I make it a point to just murder the guy every playthrough.
Dagger of friendship The Dagger of Friendship: Usually when you use a weapon in a game, you'd expect any enemy to die or take damage right? Well this unique Grummite dagger defy's that logic. This dagger can spawn at random on any Grummite enemy in the Shivering Isles and is also part of the Oddities side-quest. What makes this dagger odd is that instead of doing damage, it will heal any NPC +10 health while doing zero damage or causing anyone to become hostile. It is a good item to keep if you have companions following you that need a quick heal.   Picture of man falling from the sky The Man Falling from the Sky: I couldn't actually find a photo of this random encounter for the Shivering Isles but it is actually a reference to its ancestor game Morrowind in while walking out in the wilderness you hear a far off scream and then all of a sudden and man falls from the sky right in front of you and dies. It is quite the hilarious event if you are not expecting it, definitely one of my favorites things about this game.
THE FORK The Fork of Horripilation: This item isn't all that unique on its own but I have included it on this site due to the nature and lore surrounding this fork. The Fork of Horripilation makes a comeback in this DLC from the previous game Morrowind and is a daedric item created by Sheogorath himself. In this DLC, the fork has its own side-quest given to you by a character named Big-Head who is obsessed with forks, apparently he can hear it singing to him of its return. This item can be found at any Zealot or Heretic camp due to the fact that the two factions are fighting over it. The Fork can also be equipped as a weapon if stolen from Big-Head after the quest is completed, so therefore you can stab someone to death with a fork for a unique experience.   Picture of Fimmion Fimmion: This NPC is actually one of may favorites characters out of this DLC, this man is named Fimmion, and your goal is to steal his pants. Yes I know it sounds weird, but there is a point to it. Fimmion is wearing an item called the Calming Pants, an item wanted by a collector due to the status effect of keeping the wearer at ease forever. Upon speaking to Fimmion he will go into a paragraph long dribble about sweet rolls, this queues the quest to feed this man a sweet-roll for his pants. After feeding Fimmion his sweet-roll, he will give you the pants and will proceed to walk around the town of Mania pant-less for all of eternity.
Ring of Disrobing The Ring of Disrobing: I'm sure you can already figure why this ring is unique due to the disrobing part of its name. The Ring of Disrobing is part of the Oddities side-quest and will spawn at random in any container in the Shivering Isles upon opening. Upon equipping this ring, the player will have all armor and weapons removed thus making them naked, not really an effect anyone would want on a ring. This item can be donated to the museum for the Oddities quest and has no use to the player really other than removing items quickly.   Gatekeeper body parts


Build Your Own Gatekeeper: In order to enter the Shivering Isles you must defeat the Gatekeeper who is guarding the gates of Mania and Dementia. However once you progress far enough into the quest-line you actually get to go back and build your own Gatekeeper, like build-a-bear workshop! But for murder! For this quest you get to go gather various bones and objects to start your collection of body parts to build your Gatekeeper from, after you make the selection you throw the bag of parts in a glowing pool and your baby is born!




Work is Never Done: Location- Bliss

Honestly I have never completed this quest due to the fact that it requires that you collect one hundred tongs or calipers which are kinda scarce in the game and take forever to respawn. But anyways, in the town of Bliss you can find a man named Tove the Unrestful who has quite the interesting personality, Tove is apparently living in a different time than we are. Basically Tove thinks he is either living a week ahead of everyone or behind sometimes, he's also trying to build a skyboat. The reason Tove wants so many tongs and calipers is because he thinks he can keep the water afloat in the air by using the tongs, thus making his boat fly. After you complete the quest he just gives up on the boat and builds a collapsible fork.




The Great Divide: Location- Split

This quest is one of the most fun activities you can do in the Shivering Isles. Upon discovering the town of Split you will notice something very odd, there are duplicates of every person. Turns out that a wandering mage theorized that every person in the Shivering Isles has Dementia side and a Mania Side which is actually correct when he succeeds pulls off a spell which splits the town of Split into two sets of each person. After talking to some of the people, you will be asked to kill one side of the duplicates as they cannot stand each other and afraid of doing it themselves since it would be considered suicide which is illegal in the Shivering Isles. It doesn't really cause any significant difference in which side you let live, it just shows who you prefer over the other.





Final Resting: Location- Crucible

One of the most comical quests you can find in the Shivering Isles, this one will always give me a good laugh. While in Crucible, you will approached by a man named Hirrus Clutumus who will ask to speak to you privately. Hirrus will tell you that his life so miserable that he doesn't want to live anymore, the only catch is that he cannot kill himself in the Shivering Isles. He then asks you to murder him but in a way that he won't see it coming. The only option you get is sneak up behind him and to push him down four flights of stairs, it's so fun to watch him bounce all the way down. It's a rather short quest but it's good humor and comes with a magic ring as the reward.






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Last update on: April 22, 2019