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The Vibrant land of Mania

Map of Shivering Isles

The upper portion of the Shivering Isles which highlighted in gold on the map above is the land known as Mania. This part of the Isles is known for its vibrant color pallete, its giant mushrooms, and its own unique set of creatures along with many other things we will address below. Within this DLC, you the player will get to choose which land you will enter upon leaving the trials area which is marked in clear on the map above. By choosing what area you start in, you will define certain characteristics for yourself and your own character. This page is devoted to informing you about the essence of Mania and of its unique aspects you can find there.

Trees of Mania


Pictured here to the right is a part of Mania at night, the sky is beautifully made in this video game. Honestly I prefer the land of Mania because of how beautiful the land is but it terms of aesthetic, Dementia has better armor, weapons, and creatures. On the subject of items, each land has its own unique set of armor and weapons that can be made from materials only found in their respected territories. For the land of Mania, you have Amber which is collected from the trees and can be made into armor and weapons of honey gold and green.



Notable Locations:

Unique Enemies:




-The Elytra- these praying mantis type of bug monsters can be found in both Mania and Dementia but have origins to the giant mushroom trees found in Mania. These monsters are very vibrant in color and will sometimes be carrying an unique item called Felldew which is an essential drug item used to assassinate Thadon if you chose to do that mission.. The Elytra has the abilities to walk on water and to cast various Damage Health spells along with the generic stats to block player attacks. What ties the Elytra to Mania is that they will be found in great numbers in root systems/dungeons and around the huge mushroom trees.







-The Gnarl- known for it's ability to blend into the surroundings in Mania, this tree monster the Gnarl has become one of the most hated monsters of the Shivering Isles DLC. The Gnarl can also be found in both Mania and Dementia but it's main habitat is of course in Mania due to the overgrowth of vegetation found in the area, this makes the Gnarl almost invisible due to it basically being a living tree. The reason why Gnarls are so annoying to kill is because they usually carry an unique ore called "Amber" which can only be found in Mania and is used to create the unique Amber Armor. What makes the Gnarl so hard to kill is that it can cast Silence spells which will take away your ability to spell-cast and it element resistances which allow it to grow in size if hit with fire. Gnarls can be found where there is thick vegetation or around root systems.






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Last update on: April 22, 2019