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In this project, I will be making a guide on certain quests, characters, items that have I had found very interesting/funny while playing The Elder Scrolls IV DLC: The Shivering Isles. Before we jump right into the details about this massive rpg game, I would like to give you a general understanding of the setting of the game and of the Realm of Sheogorath.

The story of this game starts off just like any other fantasy rpg game, you, the unknown character breaks free from prison and gets roped into a divine prophecy to restore the Dragonfire so that the evil Daedric gods don't take over. However, since this is a role-playing game, you are able to explore the open world after you break out of prison and do such things like kill a league of necromancers, fight a bear in an arena, become a thief and steal from the gods, or become a highly respected assassin that talks to a dead body. But anyways, what we're more concerned with for this project is finding the portal that leads to the Shivering Isles which is pictured below. The Shivering Isles is the oblivion plane/home of the daedric god of insanity Sheogorath, his favorite pass time is inviting mortal beings into his realm and driving them to the point of mind-breaking insanity; those who survive the torture earn the right to remain and live within his realm.

Mysterious portal to Mad Realm

The main quest-line of The Shivering Isles DLC is that your character finds their way into the realm via a portal created in the game world called Cyrodill, upon entering you are invited to overcome the challenges of Sheogorath to earn the right to live in the Shivering Isles. Throughout the quest-line, you pass the challenges and eventually make it to New Sheoth in where you finally meet the Madgod himself. At this point the quest line changes to where you are now working directly for Sheogorath and eventually become a duke of half of the continent, Mania or Dementia; your choice. After getting to this point, there is yet another plot twist. The Greymarch is taking storm on the Shivering Isles and the current Sheogorath is about to die and turn into an evil entity that will bring ruin to the realm. Congratulations! You have now been tasked with finding a way to kill the evil entity and are the next heir of the title of Sheogorath... YOU ARE NOW A GOD

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Last update on: April 22, 2019