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The Twisted Lands of Dementia

Map of Shivering Isles

The lower portion of the Shivering Isles which is highlighted in green on the map is known as the land of Dementia. This part of the isles is known for its dark color pallete due to swamps and necrotic enemy types, this land is meant to represent paranoia and psychopathy. The most noteworthy aspect or location of Dementia is The Hill of Suicides which is where the ghost of Shivering Isle's citizens who have committed suicide go to spend eternity since it is forbidden to commit suicide in Sheogorath's realm, on the plus side the citizens are basically immortal. Within this DLC, you the player will get to choose which land you will enter upon leaving the trials area which is marked in clear on the map above. By choosing what area you start in, you will define certain characteristics for yourself and your own character. This page is devoted to informing you about the essence of Mania and of its unique aspects you can find there.

Swamp of Dementia

Pictured here to the right is one of the many marshes you will come across while traversing Dementia, they might not be all that great to look at but these areas contain many treasure chests with some pretty powerful loot within them. However the loot might be nice, the amount of enemies that spawn in these areas are high in numbers and do carry a good punch. In Dementia you will not find any root systems like in Mania but rather cryptic style dungeons that house heretics and many other enemies, it is there you will find a area specialty item called "Madness Ore" which is used to make the Dementia unique "Madness Armor" and weapon sets.




Notable Locations:


Unique Enemies:



-The Grummite- Known as the goblins of the Shivering Isles, the Grummite is a primitive frog like creature who is usually found guarding it's eggs in caves and swamps. Grummites are usually found in the Dementia section of the Isles but it would be wise to expect to see them in any dungeon or damp dark place in the Isles. There isn't really anything particular about these creatures but it can be noted that "The Dagger of Friendship" is actually a Grummite Dagger and will be found on one of these creatures. You can usually find deposits of Madness Ore around these creatures as well, no relation as to why this happens has been explained however.








-The Skinned Hound- One of the cooler looking undead enemies added by the Shivering Isles DLC, the Skinned Hound is fast and agile beast that can easily overtake any character if not dealt properly. This enemies can be found in any ruins is the Isles or will be running freely in the land of Dementia, these things love to just pop up out of nowhere in the night and scare the player half to death. The best way to kill this creature is to take advantage of its vulnerability to fire. What makes the Skinned Hound unique to Dementia is that you can actually acquire one as a companion if you complete the Crucible (Dementia's main town) specific quest in a certain way.









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Last update on: April 22, 2019