Scouting Players

Scouting players is good for looking for younger players on your roster. Every week you obtain 175 scouting points that you can use to reveal skills that a player may have. The first skill will cost you 15 point to reveal, the second will cost 10 points, and the third is 5 points. As part of staff member you can hire, you can hire a scout that specializes in certain positions such as Defensive Linemen(DL), Linebackers(LB), Quarterbacks(QB), etc. Hiring these a scout will make purchasing skill cheaper in that certain he specializes in. The first skill will cost you 11 points to reveal, the second will cost 7 points, and the third is 3 points.

A good strategy for the later rounds to use is only scouting the first trait. The first will always be that players highest rated skill. If that skill is rated poorly, there is a very high chance that the player will just end up as a bust. If a players first trait is rated as a B- of higher, scouting the remaining traits will most likely tell you if this player has potential as a starter on your team.

Another thing to look out for in the regular season are Draft Stories. They are under the News section and can tell you alot about upcoming players. Some stories can give you a warning on certain players, whether they are prone to injuries or they aren't very good at playing their position like the scouting reports want you to believe. These players are also more than likely to have the Slow development trait that can hender their development. Other stories can complement a players athletic ability or skills. For example, an article over a player switching from another sport like Rugby can indicate that this player has a lot of athletic ability and can learn a sport quickly. This usually indicates that this player will most likely have the Superstar Development trait. Another story could be about a player having a season ending injury. This usually indicates that this player will have a Slow Development trait that can hinder his ability to progress as a player.