Spells in MAGIC: THE GATHERING™ are a major component in the game but if one is unable to distinguish between them it can be hard to get a game going at all. First a major key element needed to know is the difference between a permanent and non-permanent. Permanent cards are cards that stay after being cast. These cards can be removed from play and sent to the graveyard but are not limited to the cast itself. Non permanents are cards that are then sent to the graveyard after the spell is cast. Next we will go over the structure of a spell card. At the top you will see a rounded bar, this is the title bar. It contains the name of the card and the amount of mana it may require if it is a non-land card. Underneath the title bar is the art work, depending on which pack of cards you get this artwork may look different if there are reprints in newer packs. For land cards they change with each block (two expansions fitting a certain story theme). With some lands it is possible to have a full art land card in which the entire card contains the artwork. Underneath the artwork is the assignment bar. This tells what type of card the spell is. Cards are able to have more than one type. This bar also has an icon to the far right of it indicating which expansion it belongs to. Underneath this bar is the ability box, this shows conditions, abilities, and various other information pertaining to the spell. This box may also contain some flavor text in the form of a quote from certain figures from the magic the gathering multiverse. Underneath that box at the very bottom of the card there is some small text, this texts from left to right tells the number of the card out of the total amount the rarity of it by representation of one or two letters, underneath that is the set it came from in abbreviated form followed by a dot and the language it was printed in. after that we see the name of the artist for the card and at the very left we see the trademarking for wizards of the coast and the year of the copyright. Finally the back of the card. Though there is not much to it in some cases it plays a role to the spell itself. Some creatures can have a transformation and this transformation is shown on the back of the card. Others will be able to “merge” and have a piece of the new creature formed on the back of the card as well. As for tokens the back of the card is used as a sort of advertisement for anything magic related that may be around or may be coming soon. If buying new cards this may give an insight to what is to come.

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