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The next morning we got on the plane and headed to Xian. We landed around 12 pm China time. We got onto a bus and headed to the ancient great wall. The city wall is 12 meters high, 15 meters wide, and 14 kilometers long. This wall separate old city with the modern city. Inside the wall is old drum towers, bells, and Muslim quarter. We were given the option to either walk or ride a bike on the wall. I didn’t want to ride a bike because iI didn’t know if I could or not but luckily they had two-seater bikes. My teacher and I took the two-seater and road down to one of the corners of the wall. Every corner had a drum tower and a nice view of the city. After a few pics we road back and checked out the vendors. We then waited for the rest of the group to get back and went to have dinner. The next day we went to go see the Terracotta Warriors which I was dying to look at. They had the statues of the warriors in rows, some broken some whole. In some other rooms, there were statues of how warriors dressed and what kind of weapons they would use. For lunch, we went to an area called Muslim food street. It was pretty much a food center outside, it had Chinese and American restaurants like Dairy Queen, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Subway. While all the groups went to go eat my teacher and I had trouble. We couldn’t eat at any of the restaurants because they didn’t take cards and we didn’t have any cash. So for about 30 minutes, we were trying to find an atm, which we found in a subway. We did end up getting to eat some awesome noodles. The next morning we headed to our last location, Shanghai.

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