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We took a 2-hour flight to Shanghai. It was the prettiest city out of all the other we went to. The first attraction we went to was the World Financial Center. It is a mixed-use skyscraper, consisting of offices, hotels, conference rooms, observation decks, and ground-floor shopping malls. The building is known to be the 8th tallest building in Asia and consist of having 118 floors. We rode an elevator to the top and got to see out the windows to get a good view of Shanghai. Sadly it was raining that day and there were a lot of clouds blocking the view. After taking pictures and purchasing souvenirs we went to the bund area. This is where they have a river that separates the city. The view from either side is an amazing site. Once we were done looking around there we went to dinner then an Acrobatic Show. Not only did we see people swing and flipping around there was also a magician act which was my favorite because they were really funny. We go on the bus after the show but had to wait cause some student lost his wallet. While waiting I saw a bubble milk tea stand and you know your boy couldn’t resist so I jumped off the bus and got one. That drink made my night 100 x's better cause bubble milk tea is an amazing drink. The next morning we went to the Jade Buddha Temple, This temple was a place of worship to the Buddhas. It was a outside and had multiple buildings for each Buddha. At the end of that tour, we wear offered to do a type of warrior yoga I did not participate in this because I was tired. After the yoga, we got back on the bus and went to the Yu Yuan Garden. I thought it was gonna be a big garden but it was actually a pond with statues in the middle of them. We walked on pathways to see them. The buildings surround the garden was quite nice but overall I didn’t really like it. Afterward, we went to the Nanjing Road, I don’t remember this so there's not much to talk about other than its pretty much a shopping street. The next morning some of the other travelers in our group had an extended tour which is two more days in Hong Kong. My roommate was part of that group, I didn’t even notice but he left around five in the morning and he didn’t want to wake me but he left a note on the tv. Later that morning my teacher and I went to the airport said bye to everyone and flew back to Canada. We still had time and money to spare so we bought some souvenirs and snacks. We then took a two-hour plane ride back to Dallas and got back to Snyder at one in the morning. For a whole two weeks I couldn’t sleep right I would wake up at four and wonder where I am. After 30 minutes of wandering around my house I would go back to sleep or just watch tv. Overall my trip to China was an amazing experience and I recommend people to try their best and travel around to see how people live their lives differently from ours.

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