Basic Mechanics in FPS's: The Recticle and ADS

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The Reticle

The recticle is one of the useful tools for many FPS's because it gives a general idea on where to shoot when hipfireing, and align your shots for ADS. there are so many different types of recticles that we will only discuss the most common recticules. In some games, they allow you to customise the recticle to make your own recticle in order to help you have a personal rectile that improves your accuracy the most known one is called the crosshair. imagaine a plus signs, some variations may have opend the center of it to give it an open feel and concentration point to use. However, there are some games that don't allow you to customize your recticle, some may even give you bizzare recticles for you to use.

below are some examples of some crosshairs you would see in game

The crosshair Reticle

The average reticle you will see in most FPS's:a plus sign

The crosshair recticle is the most used and most known out of all reticles, due to its simple design and great versitility\.

The circle reticle

the average shotgun reticle: a circle

since shotguns usually dont shoot a single projectile they genereally use pellets as damage that spreads away the farther they go. So giving a shotgun the crosshar reticle would make the hip fire inaccurate to where the projectiles will go. The cirle is a better reprentaiton on how the pellets will go and spread.


Aiming down sights (or ADS for short) is using a weapons sights to focous on a target, giving you increased accuracy. ADS is not in every FPS game but a majority do have some ADS in the game . While ADS'ing does give you a greater zoom and better accuracy most FPS will slow you down when you ADS, as well as possibly bluring out the sides in order to give the feel of foucsing on the sights. In many FPS with weapon progression you will start out with iron sights. Iron sights generally have the same properties of one another but they are not all the same sight. While you progress to higer levels with that gun, it can unlock more attachments you can use for that gun most of them give an option for different sights which will change heow the ADS will look, and give different properties to the ADS that the basic iron sights would not have such as: increased magnification, different sights, slower hip fire to ADS time, and possible sway in the scope.