In Game Tatics

In many FPS's there are generally little tricks and tips you can find or learn to make you a better player. These tips may sound obvious, but many forget about them. These should either show you new tricks or reinforce these tricks.

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Basic Tatic in FPS's: Strafing

Aim assistance can be shown in different forms

Strafing is a skill that is a great way to throw off an oponent's aim. Strafing is moving unpredictably while shooting. What this does is make your opponent have to try to follow the targets movement and adjust accordingly in order to hit the target. /A good way to practice strafing is just moving left and right while keeping your reticle on the target. When you get comfortable with just moving left and right try switching left and right at random intervals. The best way of doing this is: don't move in a pattern, move unpredictably. this skill, while useful can be hard to preform at times. if you do move in a pattern in long gunfights the enemy might notice your pattern and aim accordinly, but if you switch it up it can give you a better chance in each gunfight. If learned, this tequnique can save many lost gunfights and win many more.

Basic Tatic in FPS's: Tracking

Tracking is a useful tequnique that can be difficult to preform at time, but the more practice with tracking, the easier it will be able to be preformed, and more deadly. Tracking is the act of following target(s) while keeping your recticle on the target even when the target moves unperdictably. Some good training would be aiming at either an unmoving object or character and just focus on keeping your reticle on a certain part. Move left and right slowly while keeping your

on that exact same spot. Continue to moving at faster speeds, then when you are comfortable with max speed alternate unpredictibly on your own. This will teach you how to keep your aim on the enemy while you are harder to hit. Training like this could help improve your reaction time to unexpected movements from enemies and you can correct you aim if neccicary in a shorter time span. Tracking can take time to understand and become sufficent at it, but if you learn how to track your target well, more shots will hit the enemy more often.