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This page will talk about the basic options or settings menu of most FPS games. Click one of the links below if you want to skip to that subject.

| Aim Assistance| | Sensitivity|

Basic mechanics in FPS's: Aim Assistance

Aim assistance, or aim assist for short, is a widely used tool in many FPS's that give each person some assistance in targeting a enemy. The way it works is whenever you aquire a enemy and you start to aim twords them it will start to feel like your sensitivity has slowed or your recticle feels like it is "sticking" on the enemy. This is called aim assistance.This aim assistance is a great mechanic for beginners of FPS's to have a tool to help them learn. Even some experienced players tend to keep their aim assistance on. Some games will have an option to tone down the aim assist or turn aim assistance off entirely. But for beginners it is recommended to keep aim assistance on to help you get a better feel for FPS's.

Basic mechanics in FPS's: Sensitivity

Most FPS's within their options will have controller settings. Within those options, there should be a option called "sensitivity." What this bar does is increase the general camera speed on which you turn depending on how much you moved on your controller. even though faster is considered better on many FPS's it would be a wise choice to not turn it up all the way. It would become very difficult to aim with a very high sensitivity if you are not comfortable with such speed. Only turn up the sensitivity if you feel if the camera moves to slow for your reactions.

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