General Weapons and weapon properties in FPS's

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There are MANY diffrent types of weapons from alot of different FPS's that it would be difficult to cover all of them. So this page will only discuss the most common types of weapons, and what they are used for.

Hitscan vs. Projectile

before talking about the weapons. There are important topics that needs to be discussed: Hitscan vs. Projectile, and recoil.


Hitscan is the eaiser one to explain due to it only requiring the user to only aim the weapon directly at the enemy and pull the trigger. hitscan uses where the weapon is aimed when you pull the trigger the game will see if the weapon is on the enemy if it is it will immediatly make the enemy take damage for that bullet imagine a straight line in the gun that goes in a straight line if you aim that line on an enemy if you pull the trigger when the line is on the enemy it is guarenteed that they will take damage.||


Projectile is diffrent from hitscan. For one, hitscan is generaly damage at an instant, while projectile have diffrent speed varities. Projectile is making that bullet an object that has to travel to the enemy. Projectiles can be rather slow so slow that you can see the bullet moving to really fast: hitscan like but they aren't. depending on the game, almost every weapon would be considered projectile due to making the bullet an object that needs to hit the enemy to due the damage. FPS's usuall has diffrent projectile weapons in which has diffrent projectile velocities.


In many FPS's, in order to give a challenge when using a gun, they add certain 'recoil' to each different gun. Recoil gives each gun a type of challenge that fights againt your accuracy by moving your 'dead zone' around and away from critical spots and possibly if not under controll, miss your enemy. In order to keep it fair. The severity of recoil can be generalized by different types of guns. Most recoil generally goes up if you are constantly shooting. However, some guns may have minute recoil changes to each classification of gun. there are 2 basic types of recoil: vertical which goes up and horizontal whtich can move left or right. Guns also have a 'reset recoil' cooldown that is generally very short. Depending on the type of gun, this is accually an advantage, causing the recoil to barley affect the accuracy of the gun. Please read below for a general expilinaton for each gun type's recoil patterns.

General Weapons: Table of Contents

Primary Weapons

Primary Weapons are usually the weapons that will be used and seen most of the time. These class of weapons below explains the most common of weapons from most popular FPS's.

Assault/automatic rifles

Automatic or a better term, Assault rifles are the most known of all weapons in FPS's due to their versitility. Assault weapons are the "jack of all trades" weapons, they can generally be used from close to distant ranges. Assault rifles are useful in most situations, there are other types of weapons that are specialized for diffrent situations. Assault are used in most offence situations great and snappy but can serve a good defence weapon as well. In most games if they have hitscan, Assault rifles will most likely be hitscan. The recoil pattern for most assault rifles is pretty basic it mostly ranges from minor vertical recoil to major vertical recoil depending on attachments on the guns and possibly the fire rate of the assaust rifle with some horizontal recoil.

burst rifles

burst rifles are like auto rifles but instead of being fully automatic, it fires in bursts. Most games that have burst rifles shoot around 2-4 shots per cycle or per trigger pull. the difference between an auto rifle and a burst rifle is that a burst rifle will generally be better at longer ranges and debativly be more stable but will be at a disadvantage at close ranges. burst rifles would be considered hitscan if available most of the time, but if not they should have a resonably fast projectile speed. Burst Rifles are relitilvly close with reoil from assult rifles. What sets them apart is generaly more than normal vertical recoil and possibly more horizontal recoil due to . Burst rifles are better used at a alterintive to sniper rifle if you dont want to gamble all your damage in one shot, while not wanting to use automatic weapons.

Light Machine Guns or LMG's

Light Machine Guns or LMG's for short are automatic weapons that have about the same range lower stability, and slower handling than assult rifles, but in return, they receive a large amount of ammo per magazine. For example: an average assult rifle in a game will have around 20-35 rounds per magazine. While, an average lmg will have well over 50 rounds per magazine or clip, even over 100 with a few choice LMG's. These guns are more used for suppression rather than killing due to them having generally worse accurcy that a standard Assult Rifle. That does not mean it is not optimal at getting kills. Rather than rushing in with a LMG, set up at a defence spot or in the back of a huge fight and wait for enemies to appear. LMG are considered more support than offence weapons due to them usually having a slower handleing compared to normal assult rifles. In order to compesate for large magazines for LMG's they have generally worse recoil over all of the guns with a mixture of vertical and horizontal in order to avoid making people run around with large magaizine assault rifles. Some games will give LMG's a bipod which drasticly reduces the recoil of the gun, but you must be either prone or behind a short wall that you can set the bipod up. You are not allowed to move without losing the reduced recoil, only move if you are changing locations.


Shotguns in most game could be considered by many a easy gun to use. Shotguns are a close range type of weapon that does devestating damage up close due to their range limit usually being mid range. The ammo that they use is not like regular bullets shotguns use shells. Depending on what type of shotgun it could be pump action which requires after each shot to rechamber another shot to fire to a semi auto shotgun. Shotguns would be a better choice of weapon to start with due to most of them using buckshot rounds which sprays in a general area which up close means it doesn't ask for alot of aim to use. Shotguns are used more defencively due to the bad range or they can be used for a quick rush attack in a small area to quickly pick off any enemies.

Sniper rifles/DMR's

Sniper rifles and DMR's are quite similer to each other in most games the main difference between them would the the Snipers have a longer effective range while DMR's are mostly semi auto snipers, but with less effective range. There are exceptions to this rule so to save time we will discuss more about snipers. Sniper rifles are precision guns that usually are bolt action there are some sniper rifles that are semi auto but most of the time the games will have them as bolt action. Sniper rifles are best used at long ranges perferablly on high ground to see everything below you. Snipers are harder to use due to a change in playstyle and their limits. Snipers need to stay hidden from the enemy and take out the enemy without them knowing the issue is that many popular FPS's have a kill cam screen what it does is show who killed you and where. Which makes it hard for snipers to stay in one place. Even though sniper rifles are supposed to be used in long engagements there is a popular fad called "quickscoping". Quickscoping is the act of using a sniper in mostly close ranges and quickly aiming down the sights and shooting against the enemy due to the sniper being a very powerful weapon it can do devestating damage, possibly killing the enemy on the spot. This a a way to use the weapon but it is not considered the right way to use the weapon. When using a sniper distance and accuracy are your best friends. In order to keep the Sniper Rifle interesting, they make the sniper rifle a fast projectile so you have to predict at long ranges where the bullet will go. Since sniper rifles (depending on if it is a bolt action) Recoil will not be a major issue due to having to rechamber a new round the 'recoil cooldown' by the time you are ready to fire again, the recoil has been reset.//

Secondary Weapons


sidearms serve as a secondary weapon if given the option in game that have generally worse stats allround compared to primary weapons such as Assult Rifles, Burst Rifles and so on. They serve the purpose of a back up or an emergency weapon. Sidearms are used for 2 main reasons: 1) when you are currently engaged in a fight and do not have the time to reload your primary weapon. or 2) the enemy is to close to use your primary weapon suffenctly. you may believe that a sidearm may be useless but in general most games that give you a choice on a sidearm it will be added to your loadout for a backup weapon. Sidearms can acucualy pull you out of situations if needed, but most of the time you won't use it in most fights.

Special case weapons

Rocket Launchers

Rocket Launchers are a projectile weapon that can do devestating damage to a multiple targets. They fire rather slowly usually but most rocket launchers have a feture called splash damage. Splash damage is a diffrent way of damaging the enemy with splash damage you don't need to directly hit them with a weapon with splash damage hitting rather close still does damage just not as much as a direct hit. so splash damage can affect multiple people as well if they are close together. But be carful with rocket launchers, there are some games that if you shoot a rocket launcher and it detonates near you, you will usually take damage from the rocket. The damage taken can vary from different games from a small portion to the full damage of the rocket. Rockets are best used with enemies close together to get the maximum value from rocket launchers.

meele weapons

meele weapons are the no backup plan weapons that most FPS's will povide you with. Meele weapons generally either kill an enemy in one hit or will do a portion of their health the damage can vary from game to game. However, meele weapons have minimal range the only way to usually hit with a meele weapon is to be in front of your enemy maybe less that a foot away as well. The main use of meele weapons are when you are out of both primary and secondary and you have no choice, or the enemy is in front of your face. Generally, you will use the meele weapon rather scarcely if needed there will be very few situations where a meele will be better than a secondary.

Throwing weapons

Coming Soon. //

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