FPS terminology and definitons

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This list below is common terminology you might hear mostly in multiplayer FPS's. Please read the list below to educate yourself to some of the words.

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  • Emote - A series of actions that a players character's body moves, dances, or taunts to show off. This can be teated as an insult to other players and can be as bad as a T-bag

  • ESRB - The Entertainment Software Rating Board (or ESRB for short,) is a organization that rates video games. The way that they rate games is with letters: EC (early childhood), E (everyone), E10+ (everyone that is 10 or older), T (teenagers), M (Mature 17 or older), and AO (Adults only 18+).

  • Expansion (pack) - A extra part of a game made by developers to bring extra maps, weapons, characters,etc. within the game. Usually does cost real life currency.

  • Experience (EXP,XP) - Experience or for short XP, is a system of gaining value from each game. If you gain enough XP you usually level up and get some type of bounus, weather it be a lootbox or stat increases

  • F

  • Free For All (FFA) - Free for all or FFA for short is a common game mode where everyone is on their own team. The goal of the game mode is to ethier reach a certain amount of kills or the time limit expires.

  • First blood - An alternate way of saying the first kill of the match.

  • Frag - a shorter way of saying eliminating an enemy. This can also be short for a fragmentation grenade, or a normal grenade.

  • FPS - FPS Can stand for 2 things: First Person Shooter, and Frames Per Second. Frames Per Second is the amount of 'images' that are being shown on the screen in one second. For example if someone said that his game was running at 40 FPS, that means he is seeing 40 individual frames per second. Generaly the more frames generaly mean a more accurate and clear experience.

  • G