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Beijing was where we first landed. Whenever we got off the plane we met up with 3 other groups, they were from California, Chicago, and Kentucky. The leaders introduced themselves and then we got on the bus. We headed towards the hotel while our guide Jessia told us what all we were going do while we were in Beijing and how excited she was to show us her country. Once we got to the hotel we got our room keys and placed our luggage in our rooms. From there we met up in the lobby and got on the bus and headed to a restaurant to have dinner. We ate a variety of foods like fish, chicken, rice, and vegetables. We were sat down at a table and we ate like a family. By this I mean the food was laid on a circular glass table which allows you to spin it in order to share the food with everyone around the table. Once done with dinner we went to the hotel and slept. The next day after breakfast we got on the bus and headed to the Tian an men Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Taiji Exercise at Summer and then have a Peking Duck Dinner. The next day we walked on Badaling Great Wall (which was exhausting), tried different kinds of tea at a Chinese Tea Ceremony, Rickshaw Tour in Hutong and had dinner in Hutong as well. The next we visited with local students at a school and found out what they did on a daily basis and what they taught there. After, we went to the Temple of Heaven which was a very beautiful building of worship.

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