General map knowlege and routines

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a basic map layout of improtant locations

knowing the basics is only one part of FPS's knowing the map in the game is just as important as the bacics. If you don't know the map well, you will lose many opprotunities to use the map to your advantage. These tips below will teach you what to look out for when learning a new map. Some games will give a hud of the map generally within one of the corners while some games don't. Overall memorizing the map will give you the advantage against othrer players.

health packs, items, special weapons, and power ups

If you know that the FPS game that you are playing has any pick ups on the map, memerizing the location(s) of those items would greatly benifet you and could help you in crutal situations. Knowing where the healpacks usually spawn can give you a constat supply of health if you need to gain health back from a fight.

knowing the hot spots on the map

When learning a new map, keep an eye on where fights tend to happen the most. Knowing the most fought at area you can plan to go to the location or to try to attack an enemy that is going to that location. Also if you are low on health, knowing where the fights are can help you find the closest healthpack (if available) while avoiding as many fights as possible.

when you fully know the map and the routes of the map you can start doing harder tequniques such as flanking or positioning.


postitioning is going to a specific location to either defend or assist in a attack from a different angle.


what flanking is going around the enemy (usually behind them) without them knowing and then attacking the enemy team. This tatic is rather difficult to do since people will generally have their eyes open for any enemies they see. If you do succeed flanking the enemy it gives you the element of suprise and drasitly increasing your chances against the enemy(s). But you also have to worry about the enemy team doing a flank against you or your team. The best way to deal with flankers is just keep your eyes open especially on any optional routes.


being able to know the map is good but knowing how to use the map for fights is better. In most FPS's specific objects can be used to your advantage. if you are near one and need to get away using a object that can cover your body at certain angles. This is called using cover using cover can give you time to escape, recover, or plan a possible suprise attack. Some cover has its advantages, and disadvantages so plan accordingly when using cover.