My Trip to China

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Hi my name is Antonio Espinoza I made this site to tell about the trip I had to china. My teaher Mrs.Harris loves to travel and she would show my class pictures of the places she went and what she did there. She loved the experience of traveling and offered to go on a trip to china with her. The trip consist of going to Bejing, Xian, and Shanghia. I thought it was the perfect oportunity for me since I love chinese and japanese culture. After convincing my mom about the trip she started putting in monthly payments of $360 to reach $3,300. Onece I paid off the money and got my visa in check my teacher and I headed to the Dallas airport. We took a 2 hour trip to Vancouver,Canada then got on another plan for another 12 hour trip to Bejing. Once we landed in china we met up with other groups from different schools and met our guide Jessica who explained everthinng we were going to do on the trip.