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Career Objective

My objective is to continue learning in the area of communication, mainly involving journalism, graphic design, TV presenter and video editing and journalistic packages. Obtain experience and recognition in this area in order to advance my professional and personal skills in this profession.

Personal Qualities

  1. Quick Learner, Confident & Hard worker.
  2. Excellent interpersonal skills.
  3. Ability to work in team and as well as individual.
  4. Unmatchable communication skills (written and verbal).
  5. Determined and dedicated.
  6. Proficient with all word processing programs and platforms
  7. Collaborates well with editorial staff
  8. Creative and strategic in research of effective solutions

Cover Letter

I am a few classes finishing my third associate degree in Multimedia Marketing and Production at TylerJunior College, all related to the branch of Journalism and Media Communication.

My work-study in this field enabled me to gain experience in journalism and reporting working with Apache Pow Wow (currently, The Drumbeat) newspaper of Tyler Junior College as a Spanish and English editor; I enjoyed my first internship and everyone concerned thought it was a successful; while learning, I contributed on several journalistic packages for Apache Pow Wow and The Drumbeat. In addition, I supported The Drumbeat on the Spanish language TV show as the reporter, producer and host of the show.

Then, I had the great opportunity to do an internship for KLTV, “Noticias del Este de Texas,” where I not only learned about the daily work in a press room; but also, I was able to utilize my knowledge and communication skills in translating the latest happenings in East Texas quickly and efficiently.

Spanish is my first language, and I represented Tyler Junior College at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) twice. Both times, I gained experience and knowledge in journalism, graphic design, photography and reporting; and, this experience granted me several awards such as: 1st and 2nd places in division 4 of Newspaper for Spanish Writing (2016) and 2nd place in Announcement in Spanish.

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