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The Breed

History of Dalmatians

The orgins of the Dalmatian are still widely unknown, but it is an old breed. Dalmatians or spotted dogs have appeared in paintings and writings from way back Europe, Asia, and Africa. Dalmatians were also found amoung nomadic gypsies. The first known Dalmatians were imported to Dalmatia, from England, in 1930 by a ship owner. He did this so the dogs could breed and live in the place, which they were named after.

Dalmatians have been bred to perform tasks for humans. The Dalmatian is mainly known for their excellent coaching abilities. They were used to run along horse-drawn carriages and old fire engines to move crowds out of the way.

Adult Dalmatian running. Dalmatians have a history of being mascots for Firehouses.

Dalmatian Facts

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