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The purpose of this website is to give a general understanding of the basics of concrete, an age old building material, and show some of the concepts behind the actions one must take to work and finish it. with a little work and some patience you can learn the basics of this fine art and perhaps pick up some other skills on the way.

Concrete is made of portland cement, aggregate, sand, water, and a touch of air. These ingredients combine to form a viscous, gel like substance that eventually cures to a very strong durable solid, in whatever shape it happens to be in during the curing process. What we think of as Modern day concrete was perfected by the Romans along time ago, but its beginnings were discovered long before that when ancient greeks realized that a mixture of burnt crushed lime and water would harden to create a durable weathertight coating, here is a link that gives some information on this part of history.

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors' Concrete history page

Concrete is strong in compression which is why it is used in construction as a foundation for buildings. However in tension or torsion, concrete is very weak, which is why reinforcement of some type must be added. There are many different types of reinforcement that can be used in concrete for many different applications. I have included a section on reinforcement to give you a general idea of the size and amount of rebar needed for small projects.

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