Overview of Dog Breeds

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Mostly all breeds act and react to what exactly goes on around them and it has a tremendous affect on the way they treat others. Everything really deends on the way their owners handle them and how much they get out and interact with others. Dogs have intelligence just like we do, they have the ability to learn and obey commands and that is not the only measurement of intelligence they have. Dogs are called "pack animals" because they understand the social structure and obligations while being around others. Although, some dogs, not all, do inherent complicated behaviors so being patient is a quality we must have to train and teach them how to act. Most dogs are very sweet, easy going, loyal, strong, and gentle especially with kids. There are many different things that dog breeds can be used and trained for like hunting, working, police, theraptic, racing, and service dogs. Other animals can do the same but dogs are more common when filling these positions. Even though dogs are cute and cuddily they come with maintenance, checkups, attention, and etc.





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