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When most people think of a yoyo today they think of what is traditionally known which is a simple up and down yoyo that you could get for about two bucks at a dollar store.

Today yo-yo's have come so much further than simply up and down, they also have more parts than your simple up and down yoyo aswell. That is what this page will go over is the many parts and pieces to a modern day yo-yo.

string thing

yoyo string


The type of string one uses is dependent on the type of yoyo style they play. For an up and down yoyo a string that is either cotton or a blend that has a higher ratio of cotton to the other material used would be perfect.

For sleeper yoyos one could use polyester, polyester-cotton blend, nylon, and kevlar.

For off string yoyoing a polyester-cotton blend that is longer than normal string is ideal.

string thing

yoyo bearing


A bearing no matter what its used for, reduces friction between two surfaces, in this case the sting and the yoyo. The bearing is the heart of the yoyo. It allows the yoyo to spin for a decent amount of time allowing the player to do the tricks they do. Bearings come in two different types and three different materials and come in multiple sizes. The type of bearing that is used is mainly dependent on the player each one has advantages and disadvantages to them.

Material Types Maitanence Flat Cost Concave Cost
Stainless Steel Flat,Concave Frequent:Clean and oil every 1-2 weeks of use. $2-$7 $8-$15
Though stainless steel can be the most innexpensive of the bearings it requires the most maitenance out of them all.
Ceramic Concave Little to no maitenance N/A $30-$35
Though Ceramic is the most expensive it has little maitenance and spins longer and faster than stainless steel.
Gold Plated Concave Little to no maitenance N/A $16-$22
Though Gold is at a happy medium as far as price goes, one bust be weary not to use any sort of lubrication for this bearing. Doing so would ruin the bearings spin essentially killing it.

string thing

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