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I have enjoyed baking for as long as I can remember! My mom used to make our cakes and treats for every occasion and I was just fascinated by it all. She was making shaped cakes before they became popular and there was a cake pan for almost any shape! So I guess you can say I got my love for baking from her! I am a born and raised Snyderite and currently I work as the librarian at our Intermediate campus for 4th and 5th graders. I love working with books and the students. I bake at home as a side job for now. I did have a business open on the square in 2015, but I tried a little too much too fast and we have had to close the storefront location for now. I would like to try and open it up again in the future. I mainly do cupcakes and sugar cookies. I have just about any shape you might want (and if I donít I can usually get it with plenty of heads up!) I have done quite a few cakes; birthday cakes, retirement cakes, appreciation cakes, motherís day cakes, Christmas cakes, and even a few wedding cakes. I can also make cake pops, thanks to my sister for guiding me through the best process to do that! I can make any other kind of cookie, muffin, breads, pound cakes, and even a few pies! If I have not made it before I will let you know and I will try my best to get you what you are wanting. The one thing I do not work with is fondant. If there is a cake you want that has fondant on it, I typically will do what I can with my homemade buttercream and/or figurines! (I donít want to charge you extra for something that you are probably just going to peel off and not eat anyway!)