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An Introduction
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The slipknot is a crucial part of yo-yoing, itís what allows the yo-yoer to throw, hold, and control the yoyo when they play with it.

The slipknot is formed by a loop on the end of a yoyo that has the string pulled through to form an adjustable loop. Placed behind the outermost joint of the middle finger the slipknot allows the yo-yoer to properly throw the yoyo allowing them to get the best speed, strength, and spin of the yoyo needed for the intricate tricks performed by the yo-yoer.

The slipknot is only the start, to find out more click on any of the tabs to learn more about the intricacies of yo-yoing.

The purpose of this page is to inform and bring attention to a hobby that has evolved alot over the last 30+ years.

Several things i plan to show will include parts and pieces, types of yo-yo's, styles of play in respect to competition, and finally where one could aquire a yo-yo to start on their own.

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