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If you watch volley ball you will have a great show to watch. It's a great sport to play and if you love to yell then volleyball is the sport to watch. Women put a lot of effort in this sport. They want to impress everyone out there in the stands. I personally love to watch volleyball because I think it's a very intense sport and it always leaves my heart racing when the score is close. A lot of people think that men play better than women because they only believe men are capable of doing anything. I recomand you watch women volleyball and you will see that they are just as capable as men are, also you will change your opinion on women. You can watch volleyball on ESPN2 on your home T.V or you can get tickets online to come and watch.

In 1895 volleyball became a sport just for women only.It was invented by William G. Morgan. He wanted to create this sport so people will come and see what women can do.This is why you should come watch women play volleyball because I believe that if someone takes the time to come out and invent this so people can watch women play, than y'all should come out and support women play as well.


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