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  • I think that track is a great opportunity for women to do because back in the older days not a lot of people wanted women to run. They had doubt in women because they thought only men can do it. In 776 B.C is when track started. Some people wanted to run but they didnt know how because no one helped them. Then the coaches finally stepped up there game and wanted to start coach. They started doing meets and letting women run because they believed that women are capable of doing anything. I belive the same thing, if men can do it so can women.

  • Track is a great sport to watch. Women are just as fast as men are and will show you how to win an intense sport like track. Women always get nervous to run but they will never fail you to show you a win, even if they aren't fast or don't win they will still never disappoint you to come and watch. You can come to one of the track meets and watch them run their butt off, or you can watch them live on T.V. If you have a favorite track star you want to see, you can buy ticktets, or as I said before watch them on T.V and root them on.


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