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The Call of Cthulhu Written in 1926 but not published until 1928 in a pulp magazine called Weird Tales--Brief Summary: A man named Francis Wayland Thurston discovers a statue of Cthulhu while searching through the notes of his grand-uncle. This shorty story covers the journey Francis takes to uncover the identity of the statue along with discovering an all-male cult that worships the "Great Old Ones". Francis travels to many places researching articles that have relation to similar statues that his grand-uncle had and finds himself in Australia along with another statue of the same and a manuscript that leads to an uncharted island named R'lyeh. Francis and his crew make journey to this island only to be pursued by cultists and Cthulhu itself, they barely make it out alive.
The Shadow Over Innsmouth Written in 1931 but not published until 1936--Brief Summary:The narrator describes his visit and investigation of the almost deserted town Innsmouth, Massachusetts. While investigating, the narrator learns that a local man had discovered a humanoid fish-like race and how he had started a cult to help the town gain wealth through human sacrifices. The narrator futher learns that the fish people intend to invade the surface world through the use of Shoggoth to transform the surface into a habitat of thier own. That very night, the fish people attempt to capture the narrator and swarm the whole town, in the end they do succeed and turn the narrator into one of them.
At The Mountains of Madness Written in 1931 but not published until 1936--Brief Summary: A group of researchers embark on an expidition to the continent of Antartica where they discover the prehistoric lifeforms and their ancient city of stone contained within an desolate mountain range. A small group explores the remains of the city while another group gets slaughtered by the 14 prehistoric specimens they presumed to be dead. The group within the abandoned city of the mountain find murals that depict a story of a battle of the firts rights of Earth between the Mi-Go, the Elder Things (which are what the researchers found), and the Star-Spawn of Cthulhu. Only one man survives and warns the next expidition team to stay away from the site.
The Dunwich Horror Written in 1928 and published later in 1929--Brief Summary: This story follows two different set of characters that are involved in the same event called "The Dunwhich Horror". The first hallf of the story follows the Whateley family and the life of Wilbur Whateley who reaches full adult-hood in size and body within a decade of being born. Wilbur comes from a long line of "Wizards" and was secretly learning the ways of the old with a makeshit copy of the Necronomicon that has been passed down in his family. At the end of his story, Wilbur dies trying to steal a legitimate version of the Necronomicon From the Miskatonic University. At this point in the story, the point of view switches to that of the librarian Dr. Armitage who discovers that Wilbur was not human but an Elderitch hybrid-type being. The remainder of the story follows the actual event called "the Dunwhich Horror" and the invisible monster that destroys everything in its path. In the end, Dr. Armitage and his crew find a way to destroy the beast and find out it's true orgins.
Dagon Written in 1917 but not published until 1919--Brief Summary: One of Lovecraft's first short stories to be wrote, Dagon follows the story of a morphine-addicted veteran who recalls a certain incident that happened in World War 1. The narrator's military ship gets captured while they were in open waters and he escapes on a lifeboat where he eventually drifts upon a black slimy mire. The narrator describes this mire as hellish and putrid due to a great number of decaying fish on the land. The narrator then decides to explore this land in where he finds a monolith and a fish-like creature. The narrator flees back to his boat and mysteriously finds himself back to civilization after awhile. The story ends with the narrator killing himself and this story being left as his suicide note.
The Whisperer in Darkness Written in 1930 and published in 1931--Brief Summary: This story follows the correspodence between the narrator Albert Wilmarth and a scholar named Henry Akeley who lives alone in the hill country of Vermont. Akeley has proof that an extraterrestrial race called the "Mi-Go" have a base in the hills near his home outside of Townshend, Vermont and procceds to send letters and proof to Wilmarth. These actions result in Akeley being targeted by the beings for knowing too much and eventually leads to his demise before he could escape, these details are unknown to Wilmarth. "Akeley" proceeds to invite Wilmarth to come visit him at his home in Vermont with the promise that hehas made peace wiht the Mi-Go and have spoken to them, Akeley claims that the Mi-Go has chosen him as one of the representatives of the human race to visit the outer worlds. When Wilmarth visits Akeley, he finds the scholar terribly ill with a condition that forces him to remain in the darkness and to be only able to speak in whispers. The same night of the visit Wilmarth eavsdrops on Akeley speaking to the Mi-Go and later finds out that what he has been in company of was actually a Mi-Go and not Akeley, Wilmarth flees the house.
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