A brief look into the life of Lovecraft

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Early Life Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born on August 20, 1890 in the town of Providence, Rhode Island as the only child to Winfield Scott Lovecraft and Susan Phillips Lovecraft and had a childhood plagued with misfortune and tragedy. H.P. Lovecraft's father died when he was only three due to untreated syphlils and Lovecraft himself was also a sickly child which caused him to be at home for most of his school years, thus causing him to immerse himself in literature and science. Lovecraft's earliest known work was when he was 7 years old and had wrote a poem mimicing mythological stories.
Mid-Life Lovecraft suffered from various mental issues which caused him to be reclusive and to have a sort of psychological breakdown if he was over-stimulated with other people, this caused Lovecraft to leave high school before completion. Even though this was a hard time in the life of Lovecraft, he did produce his first works of fiction, two stories name "The Beast In the Cave" and "The Alchemist". As Lovecraft further sastified his interest in science and literature, his letters to editors began apperaing in pulp and weird fiction magazines. As a result of this and his stories he had wrote at the time, Lovecraft was accepted into the United Amatuer Press Association in April 1914. Throughout the year of 1914, Lovecraft rose into a position of power in the UAPA which eventually lead him to be elected the vice-president of the UAPA in 1915. But once again Lovecraft's life was struck with tragedy when his mother suffered some sort of mental breakdown and was put in the same hospital his father was for the rest of her days, however Lovecraft surprisingly recovered from this and thus became more outgoing by getting invovled with other writers and friends.
Later Years & Death It was during this time of outgoingness that Lovecraft wrote the works of what would be later named "Lovecraft's Dream Cycle" and the "Cthulu Mythos" as well. It was around this time that his mother passed away in 1921 which crippled Lovecraft greatly for awhile but despite that he continued to go to journalist conventions and met Sonia Greene, which he later married in 1924. Not long after the marriage Greene lost all of her assets and became ill, this caused Lovecraft to attempt to work regular jobs to support his wife but in the end he failed. Due to the situation Lovecraft moved quite often looking for work, it was during this period of time that the outline to "The Call of Cthulu" was wrote and as well os other stories such as "The Horror at Red Hook". Eventually Lovecraft returned to his hometown of Providence and spent the last decade of his life there writing his most known fictional stories. Greene eventually divorced Lovecraft a short while after he moved back to Providence since they haved lived seperatley for so long. In early 1937, Lovecraft was diagnosed with intestine cancer which caused him to be malnurished and to be in constant pain. On March 15, 193 H.P. Lovecraft passed away due to the cancer, it was recorded that he kept a scientific diary where he recorded his illness up until near death. Lovecraft was listed on the Phillips family momument along with his parents and also had a headstone placed by his fans in Swan Point Cemetary.
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