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If you're going to watch some women sports the main sport to watch is basketball. Women beast it up and are just as aggressive as any guy out there. They know how to shoot threes and get in there and fight for the ball. If you want to yell or stand up and cheer then basketball is the way to go.

I love to watch basketball. This is my favoirite sport of all time to watch. I love watching women basketball because it teaches me how to get better just by watching them. If you have a daughter that is wanting to play basketball I recommand she watches womens basketball. They are super aggressive. They will teach you how to communicate, hustle down the flow, shoot, play defense, anything you want to learn about basketball. You're daughter or even son will be better in no time by watching women's basketball. The steps on how to play and what you will need will be listed down below.

Coach 5 players Court Ref
Dribbling Shoot Hustle Communicate

Women's basketball was invented in 1892. California and Miss Head's school was the first to ever step foot to a real game live on the basketball court.


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Here below will take your breath away.

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